Synergetic Spinal Bio-Mechanics

Muscles are not the sole driving force for spinal articulation 

Synergetic spinal bio-mechanics is the name given to a system of spinal articulation where the outcome is larger than the sum of its moving parts. With reference to the spine and pelvic joints it encompasses their mechanical harmonious liaison to create human movement.

Past and uniformed thinking attributed the articulation of the sacroiliac and spinal joints solely to muscles. If you believe this, name one muscle capable of driving the sacroiliac joint articulation?  Despite this obvious omission, most of the medical profession still think muscles are the prime driving force for spinal articulation, hence their over evaluation and bolstering of muscle based therapies. 

With our new knowledge of synergetic spinal mechanics, we can now categorically say muscles are not the sole driving force.

The pelvis and spine articulate by making use of gravity, and pelvic side shift and muscle. Discover how, in my book Advanced Osteopathic Technique.

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