PPT Benefits

PPT Benefits

Where PPT’s excel is that skill is used in place of brute force. This creates an even playing field for both the small and burly framed manipulators. PPT’s are not gapping techniques, they are advanced unwinding techniques.

● PPT’s are generally silent, at worst they make a tiny tick sound. 

● Osteopaths do not have to manhandle their patient or get them into any contorted positions. 
● Compared to even the most refined or advanced form of gapping technique, PPT’s are gentle and considerably more efficient.

● In a skilled PPT manipulators hands every lesioned joint can be manipulated and freed, no matter how tight or restricted. This can be achieved  in one treatment session, even complicated lesions just fall away.  PPT’s are highly efficient.

● There is no pre-manipulative patient or practitioner stress, so the angle and alignment of the manipulations become highly accurate. 

● Because the lesioned joints are being unwound rather than tightened and then levered apart, only a minimal trauma footprint is left behind. This makes it possible to manipulate and align every joint in the spine two or three times in a single session. In doing this it is possible to significantly iron out the AP and lateral curves. 
●  The level of skeletal mobility and symmetry achievable with PPT’s is unparalleled. 

● PPT’s are long lasting because they remove the Osteopathic lesion as well as the underlying bony locking.

● With PPT’s, a patients neck you can be manipulated with ease.  Most patients do not realize that they have even been manipulated. So patient fear of neck manipulations that once put many people off manipulative treatments, is gone. Neck manipulations are silent and effortless with the head in the mid-line and absent of rotation and side-bending. PPT’s represent a huge breakthrough in efficiency and safety.

● Patients like PPT treatments because they can feel the benefits immediately after the treatment.

●  PPT’s are so efficient, that fewer treatment sessions are needed.

● PPT’s are tomorrows advanced Osteopathic techniques, today. PPT’s set a new standard osteopathic development and excellence. 

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