Spinal Mechanics
& Advanced Osteopathic Techniques

The Techniques

Introduction to the new PPT techniques. What they are, and their benefits, including research. 
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An introduction to synergetic spinal mechanics and Osteopathic lesions.
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The Book

This book is now in its 3rd edition, fully illustrated, and sets a new standard of understanding.
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The DVD's

We have one DVD showing the techniques and the other showing the bio-mechanics of articulation.
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Find out about John Bayliss, why he wrote the book, his background and stories along this 10 year journey.
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My online shop, do not hesitate to contact me with any question about the products. 
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A New Approach..

Low impact effective techniques and knowledge that can be used by any spinal practitioner

John Bayliss’s originated and developed PPT (Passive Patient Technique) manipulation.  His theories on synergetic bio-mechanics have revolutionized Osteopathic thinking all over the world.

PPT's offer a variety of cutting edge manipulative techniques that unwind osteopathic lesions rather than force them apart.  Working out the spinal mechanics and forces that create individual and synchronous sacroiliac and spinal articulation made it possible for John to understand what happens when these forces are misapplied. The results produced for the first time a genuine scientific understanding of how osteopathic lesions are created. PPT’s were then designed from the ground up to remove all the elements that create an osteopathic lesion and are completely original. 

The end result has meant, straighter and more mobile spines with all the benefits that brings. The techniques are non-invasive and gentle and have a proven to be effective as a complete solution or complimentary adjunct. Everything is broken down, and fully explained and illustrated in the book, as well as demonstrated on DVD.

Previously the bony locking of an Osteopathic lesion was not properly understood. Now we know how and why joints articulate and lock together so tightly (that they create local tissue changes), Osteopaths and spinal professionals have found themselves in a new enlightened era of knowledge. PPT's are advanced osteopathic techniques, for the future.

Sample Reviews Of The Book

'John looked at how the spine articulates from a 'function governs structure' point of view rather than the traditional 'structure governs function' angle. The result is that he has been able to describe in the kind of detail I have never seen before how all of the joints of the body articulate singularly and in harmony with each other.' - Amazon UK Osteopath

'An incredible job of understanding the mechanics of the spine; for the first time, we have a model that makes sense. This new book is a great help.' - Amazon Oseopath

'Dr. Bayliss outlines a comprehensive review of spinal mechanics that is consistent in both the theory and practice. His explanation is meticulous and precise having gone to extraordinary lengths to document every aspect of the work that he presents.' - Amazon USA - Australian Osteopath
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