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Author John Bayliss is the originator, and developer of the 'synergetic spinal mechanics' theories and 'Passive Prone Technique'.

All his mechanical theories  were worked out by thousands of hours of trial and error by John articulating individual  bones in his hands whilst thinking in 3D.  Each and every individual joint theory had to fit in with with his theories on every part of the body  to form the flexible synergetic movement humans take for granted.  No mean task.

During this time of discovery, he had many eureka moments, "so that's how it works"

John Bayliss

John Bayliss lives in the UK, on the outskirts of London.

He was a successful Osteopath from 1987-2016 and is now retired.

"I used to teach classical manipulative techniques in my old college clinic, so I know how the classical techniques work and what they can do, and what they cannot do. 

The results I got in practice using classical techniques  were OK.  Patients would come back the following week in less pain but with only a slight improvement in their posture and lack of movement.  On average,  it would take between 6-8 sessions before they were fit to be discharged.

I knew there had to be a better way to manipulate.

To go about this, I had to initially work out the mechanics of the spine to find out what in fact an Osteopathic lesion was, as this is currently not known or taught by the manipulating professions. They only know the presenting symptoms.

Once I worked out the forces that create an Osteopathic  lesion (what locks one facet against another), all I had to do was to reverse engineer them, and that's how I pioneered PPT manipulation. 

The results of PPT manipulation proved to be outstanding, with the average patients needing less than half the number of treatment sessions than before. The best part was that the excellent outcomes in terms of symmetry and mobility  were outstanding and almost impossible to match with classical techniques".


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